Spend A Holiday In Rhodes

Experience The Happiest Night To Celebrate Passover

Greece has a large number of islands and each of them has its charms and beauty. However, one of the most beautiful is the island of Rhodes. You can visit this island during the holidays, and you can see what is on offer at Passover Programs.

The hotel we have provided for you is among the luxury hotels and has a wonderful view of the sea. Each room is equipped with the most luxurious things, so you will be perfectly comfortable in it. In the hotel you can enjoy one of the 5 swimming pools they have. In one of those pools, the water is always heated, so you can enjoy it even when night falls and it’s a little cooler.

Passover Programs

The hotel has a beautiful dining room that will dazzle you with its appearance, and you will be able to enjoy it at every meal. Our trained chefs can prepare all kinds of specialties that you want. We serve exclusively Israeli and French wines, of which we have a really large selection of the best quality. Every morning we serve a rich Israeli breakfast that you will enjoy.

Every evening you can listen to the songs of the most popular artists, and during the Passover celebration, special guest stars will sing in our hotel. We will provide you with real enjoyment and pleasure in celebrating your holiday. The Greeks are known as a very cheerful people who are always ready for any kind of celebration, that’s why they can provide you with the most cheerful night to celebrate Easter.

After a good night’s rest, you can spend the day hiking for which the island is very famous. On this hiking trail, you can see beautiful landscapes that you will enjoy to the fullest.

If you want to experience the most joyful night to celebrate Passover, one click is enough on Passover Programs. We can organize whatever you want.